Sibeal Branagan

  Advanced Dip clinical supervision (Middlesex University)
  Diploma in psychodynamic psychotherapy (Tivoli Institute)
  Diploma in sand-play therapy
  Diploma in couples therapy (Accord)

Sibeal has over 20 years’ experience working in mental health settings. She is an experienced psychotherapist, and is known to be professional, warm and direct in her style. She is passionate about her work and knows that forming a good, safe, supportive and confidential relationship is key to being able to work together to promote change in life, where being stuck feels overwhelming, and setting goals for movement is a priority.

Sibeal has an interest in post and pre-natal issues, also depression and anxiety as she is aware how prevalent both have become in today’s stressful world.

Some of the other areas are:

• Stress
• Relationship issues
• Addiction
• Sexual abuse
• Bereavement
• Self esteem
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Panic attacks
• Self esteem
• Relationship issues
• Post-traumatic stress
• Post-natal depression
• Addiction
• Eating problems

Sibeal offers supervision to clinicians and people in caring professions and also organisations who require supervision for their employees. Supervision offers support, challenge and most of all a learning experience always with care of the client being a priority. The supervisory relationship is key to building a good working alliance. Sibeal works in a reflective way which can include some different ways of working, for example, sand-therapy or other forms of exploration into the unconscious processes that occur in therapeutic and supervisory relationships.

Sibeal integrates many modalities including:

• Psychodynamic
• Gestalt therapy
• Sand-therapy

Professional Memberships:

  • Irish association for counselling and psychotherapy (IACP) both as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor