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Having the opportunity to parent a child or children is a real gift. There are many joys but this task does have its ups and downs, particularly with the business of life these days. In the parent role we are asked to guide a child from infancy to independent adult living. As adult life progresses we arrive into this role and we are suddenly parents. It’s a big job (for which little training exists!).

Parenting is a full time responsibility. We all want the best for our child/children, but there can be hazards along the way: complex family structures, medical issues, the internet, adoption, behavioural issues, puberty, adolescence and special needs to name a few. Even in the best situations changes in life circumstances can result in challenging issues for parents including separation, bereavement, events in schools such as national exams and bullying. Sometimes, moving house or school can have a significant impact on a child or adolescent’s life.

As a result, both children and adolescents can experience periods of low self-esteem, insecurity, anxiety, withdrawn or challenging behaviour, lack of confidence, depression, exam stress, poor friendship relationships and risk taking behaviour. This can make the job of parenting feel overwhelming and stressful at times.

Here at Arduna, we welcome the opportunity to support both singles and couples to address parenting issues in a positive way. The therapeutic aim is to focus on reducing stress and improving parent child relationships. This will help to improve the daily lives and wellbeing of the child/adolescent and the parent/s, thereby improving family life in general.

Therapists use their training and experience in an integrated approach to diffuse tensions and to open up new communication pathways for struggling parents. Examples include: CBT and Behaviour Management Strategies, Relationship Therapy and Mindful Parenting. Through these therapeutic interventions, parents are supported to identify the issues and to approach family life in a constructive and less stressful way for all.

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