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Life has become so incredibly busy that we can often find ourselves running from one thing to another not really knowing how to stop.  Mindfulness is a way of being that teaches, through a series of practices, how to stop and observe how we are in the present moment, giving us an opportunity to pause and respond wisely, helping us to live with greater ease in our daily lives.

Mindfulness helps us to develop a different relationship to our thoughts, by pausing to notice how busy the mind is.  Left to themselves our minds wander, ruminating about the past or planning the future.  Observing the mind brings into awareness the stories we tell ourselves, how we often jump to conclusions without full facts, look to the worst case scenario or default into blame and anger.  Noticing the activity of the mind with kindness and acceptance gives us more freedom to choose our response rather than react in old habitual ways allowing us to make wise choices and take considered action.

Mindfulness helps us take part in our own wellness, by developing more healthy ways of relating to our mind, body and emotions.  By tuning into our moment by moment experience we notice how we struggle with difficult emotions, feelings of inadequacy, confusion or other forms of stress. By responding with acceptance and compassion we can learn to approach rather than avoid these feelings, allowing us to take part in our own healing process.

Mindfulness in of itself is not therapy, but we do have several therapists who have Mindfulness training and integrate this approach into their work.

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