Martina O’Beirne

BA (Hons) Psychotherapy and Counselling
Dip Clinical/Gestalt Supervision
Cert working with Gestalt Process
Dip Social Studies
ASSIST Facilitator/Trainer (Applied Suicide Intervention Training)

Martina works with all challenges of living and life, including Anxiety, Stress, Relationships Issues, Addictions, Bereavement, Suicide Ideation, Abuse, Life Transitions, Self Esteem, supporting adults with Chronic Illness etc.

Having worked in the Oasis Centre in the city centre for 10 years, Martina has gained extensive experience working with adults affected by the many challenges of living. Martina’s training is in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and in Relational Gestalt. She also uses Mindfulness skills and CBT modalities, in her work with clients when needed.

Martina also provides Clinical and Gestalt Supervision to other professionals working both in public and private practice, and she teaches Suicide Intervention Skills (Assist) to staff working in frontline services for the National Office of Suicide Prevention. Martina also has a Social Care background with a vast amount of experience managing services in the community for Adults and Children with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities.

Martina believes that as individuals we are doing the best we can in life, but at times living can be very challenging, and we may need professional support in getting our lives back on track, to learn new ways of relating and coping.  We may also be carrying a lot of emotional and physical pain from past traumas and losses. Martina provides a non-judgemental space where a person can begin to explore in safety, their patterns of relating and living that are causing them difficulty in living a fully actualised life.  Martina creates a space to safely express and explore our thoughts and emotions, and to begin to understand how we are currently creating our lives and relationships – what is working and what is hindering us.

“It is when we are supported to have a compassionate enquiry into how we create our life and relationships that we can begin to understand ourselves. It is when we begin to illuminate where our difficulties in life lie, that we can begin to heal ourselves”

Professional Memberships:

  • Member of Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (IACP)
  • Clinical/Gestalt Supervisor (IACP)