Louise Kervick

  MSc in Adolescent Psychotherapy
  Adolescent Psychotherapist in Ballyboden Resource Centre
  Psychotherapist in Pieta House

Presenter of Resilience Programme to 2nd Year Students (Pieta House, Dublin)

Louise brings a lot of life experience to her work as a Psychotherapist. She trained as  a counsellor in Northside Counselling service and went onto work in Pieta House as a Psychotherapist and also a facilitator of The Resilience Academy  Academy in 2nd Level Schools. This work inspired her to work with adolescents and their families. She holds a MSc in Adolescent Psychotherapy from the University of Northampton. The work with Adolescents and their families inspired her to train as a Couple Counsellor.

She works mainly from a Gestalt modality but integrates other models into the work such as Choice Theory,  Rogerian, visual imagery, CBT, DBT, and mindfulness.  She is a very curious and creative person which is the foundation of her client work.

My approach is very collaborative whether that is working with an individual, teen, family or a couple.  A safe space to talk and explore what is happening or happened, within the therapeutic relationship is what is offered.”

When working with teens and families I work more directionally as that is usually required at this developmental stage in a young person’s stage of life.  But  most importantly of all, I really strive to listen and understand the young person and in this space the growth occurs. I also offer guidance and support to parents in the therapy journey for the teen. This can be a very difficult and sometimes scary time for some teens and their parents too.

I also coach and support  through education and working on building practical and useful tools for  life skills.

When working with couples my aim is to support whatever reason the couple are seeking couple therapy.  Couple’s come to relationship therapy for many reasons,  maybe to improve their relationship, to manage a crisis in the relationship, or to manage the decision to end a relationship. Whatever the reason is, I strive to provide a safe non judgemental warm space to really listen and understand. This in turn will help the couple to really listen to each other so that each partner is truly heard and to regulate and manage  the very powerful emotions that show up. Communication real Communication is a powerful tool in Relationships.

I work from a very practical common sense approach  to deal with real life issues,such as love, fidelity, infidelity, anger, emotional shutdown, loss of libido,  coldness, communication difficulties, and family and other issues  as they arise in the work.

Professional Memberships:

  • Member of Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (IACP)