Ivana Milivojevic Slote

MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Higher Diploma in Psychotherapy
PhD in English Literature
MA and BA in Comparative Literature and Theory o Literature

Ivana’s approach to psychotherapy is based on psychoanalytic clinical practice. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (1st class honours) and Higher Diploma in Psychotherapy Studies (1st class honours). She has also been long-term involved in various forms of continual professional development through APPI and ICP.

It was her love for literature and her Ph.D. research in James Joyce studies that inspired her further interest into ‘talking therapy’, i.e. the healing effects of our unique lives being spoken about without censorship and listened to without judgement.

Ivana welcomes clients who experience anxiety and panic attacks, stress, depression, loneliness, relationship and family issues, identity and sexual identity crises, addiction, or who suffer from the consequences of abuse, eating disorders, OCD, phobias, low self-esteem… but also those who have everyday life problems, small or large.

My role as a psychotherapist is to listen and help you see why your problems affect you in the ways they do, since behind a so-called symptom there is always a different, very particular story for everyone, with its elements sometimes connected in unexpected ways, from early childhood on.  Viewing these interconnected parts of our lives from different perspectives often makes something inside us “shift” and begins a transformation in how we perceive and experience ourselves and others.  Once that moment is recognised, a profound change towards a better life – through the understanding of our deeper conflicts, motivations and impulses – can start.


Ivana is the author of two books: Authorial Figures (2001) and Love of Diversity (2001) and a number of book chapters and academic articles published since 1995.

Professional Memberships:

  • Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland (APPI)
  • Member Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP)