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We do educational assessments for children (7+), adolescents and adults and these are carried out by an Educational Psychologist.

Some children/adolescents struggle with aspects of the academic demands made by the standard educational system and take longer to achieve the expected standards.  Often a teacher will suggest a formal assessment in order to ascertain the child’s/adolescent’s cognitive ability with a view to providing the appropriate academic and educational support specific to the child/adolescent.

The psychologist carrying out the assessment will request both parents and school to fill out a detailed information sheet in relation to the child/adolescent before carrying out a large number of detailed tests with the child/adolescent in a warm and friendly atmosphere in order to identify very specific needs.  Once the assessment is completed, a detailed written report is provided with clear recommendations as to how parents can best support their child’s/adolescent’s educational development and there is a feedback session with parents to discuss this report in detail.

Some issues we can help with are:

  • Discover your child’s/adolescent’s intellectual capacity
  • Identify specific areas where extra support is needed
  • Build a concrete plan to meet your child’s/adolescent’s specific needs
  • Liaise with teachers/school to promote your child’s/adolescent’s best interests


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