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Some children struggle with aspects of the academic demands made by the standard educational system and take longer to achieve the expected standards.  Often a teacher will suggest a formal assessment in order to ascertain the child’s cognitive ability with a view to providing the appropriate academic and educational support specific to the child.

The psychologist carrying out the assessment will request parents to fill out a detailed information sheet in relation to the child before carrying out a large number of detailed tests with the child in a warm and friendly atmosphere in order to identify very specific needs.  He/she will then meet with the parents to discuss the detailed written report provided with clear recommendations as to how parents can best support their child’s educational development.

Some issues we can help with are:

  • Discover your child’s intellectual capacity
  • Identify specific areas where extra support is needed
  • Build a concrete plan to meet your child’s specific needs
  • Liaise with teachers to promote your child’s best interests


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