Audrey Sheridan

 ✓  Masters in Clinical Psychology (UCD)
 ✓  Masters in Applied Psychology (UCD)
 ✓  Bachelors Degree in Psychology (UCD)

Audrey Sheridan has worked as a Clinical Psychologist with children, adolescents and their parents from all parts of society for 25 years. An experienced clinician and supervisor in Clinical Psychology;  she has a longstanding interest in process oriented psychotherapy as well as a grounding in clinical psychology assessment.

Referrals: Audrey works with young people who have experienced depression, anxiety, trauma, loss or other life events and uses clinical psychology techniques where appropriate to assess any specific concerns.

Initial Visit: On the first visit, she will discuss your concerns in detail to get a clear picture of the young person’s strengths and current situation. She will then plan what happens next with you and your child/teen using an individualized approach.

Approach: Audrey has a warm interpersonal style and enjoys working with children, teens and in partnership with their parents.

 “I adapt the approach in therapy to suit the  young person. For example, with younger children, play therapy may be  beneficial, while a  teenager may  prefer an individual approach which makes sense to them. In almost all cases  I find it essential to have the support and collaboration of parents as this supports the young person in their journey. “

Experience: Audrey recently finished in Mater/ HSE CAMHS where she had worked as a Senior Clinical Psychologist for almost 10 years. Previous experience as a Senior Clinician was in HSE Early Intervention and Lucena Clinic. Audrey has extensive teaching experience and recently lectured TCD Psychology undergraduates and Trainees in Visual Arts Psychotherapy in UCD. Currently, Audrey is engaged in Doctoral Level Research in Psychology into parent-child communication about emotion. Outside of Arduna, Audrey provides assessment services on a contract basis for the HSE.

Professional Memberships:

  • Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI)
  • Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)