Bereavement Counselling

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For most of us, bereavement will be the most psychologically distressing experience we will ever face. Grief is what we feel when somebody we love dies. The loss of a significant other is often devastating. Everyone experiences grief differently and there is no “normal” or “right” way to grieve. How we respond will be influenced by many different things, including our age and personality, our religious and cultural beliefs, our previous experience of bereavement and our circumstances. The bereavement counsellor will help you to come to terms with your loss and work through the emotional pain involved in order to eventually find meaning and purpose in life by: 

  • Facing the reality of loss
  • Experiencing the range of feelings in relation to loss
  • Coping in the here-and-now
  • Facing the future 


Contact us now in confidence at Arduna @ (01) 833 2733 to discuss making an appointment with one of our therapists who can help you.

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Adie Clarke
Andrew McLellan
Anne O'Leary
Brendan Murphy
Brigid Coyle
Carol Owens
Eamonn Boland
Gail McGuinness
Jean Forbes
Juliet Smith
Luminita Buzescu
Margaret Costello
Natalya Price
Peter Caffrey
Sinead Carroll
Susan Dowling
Suzanna O'Reilly
Tara Dunphy
Theresa Cawley