Natalya Price



  • BA (Honours) in Psychology
  • HDip in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Msc in Human Resource Management
  • MA in Psychotherapy

Natalya is a humanistic and integrative psychotherapist, working with individuals and couples. While grounded in psychodynamic and humanistic frameworks, Natalya uses different techniques and approaches creatively to suit each individual client, their issue and their situation.  

Natalya works with people who are struggling with anxiety, depression (including pre/post-natal depression), sexual concerns, stress-related issues, bereavement, sexual abuse, low self-esteem, body image, eating disorders, existential concerns, work-related and relationship issues. She is experienced in both brief (solution-focused, CBT) and long-term psychotherapy. Natalya is also an experienced student counsellor.

Natalya specializes in couples counselling and sex therapy. She works with couples with various issues, sexual difficulties (general breakdown or difficulties in couple’s sexual relationship, loss of sexual desire) and sexual dysfunctions (erectile dysfunction, premature or delayed ejaculation, painful intercourse, porn addiction, etc.).

I see people as self-directed, self-determined, meaning-making individuals. However, a lot of the time we are not fully aware of why we think, feel and behave in a particular way. We enter a world that has already created a certain narrative for us, a certain space (place in the family, parental expectations, hopes, fears and anxiety, generational patterns, etc.). Life presents us with challenges that evoke difficult feelings that we are not always able to process and express. Faced with those challenges, we adapt, developing much needed defense mechanisms that later may work against us, negatively affecting our relationships and preventing us from realizing our full potential. Psychotherapy offers a valuable opportunity to become aware of these unconscious feelings and ways of relating.

Through my collaborative work with clients, I aim to help them accept reality, themselves, their past, their limitations, and their different emotions, while at the same time discovering and embracing their inherent potential, creativity, and strengths.

The relationship I build with clients is profoundly important as it provides a secure base for exploration, development and change. It would be my privilege to be there as you share your challenges, inner conflicts, and your vision for your life. My commitment is that you experience being understood, respected and supported in your struggles and in moving forward.”